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Best Melee Content Creators on Youtube

I watch a lot of smash on youtube. I am subscribed to a lot of channels and I thought I would share how I intake smash, when it isn’t a full set or on Twitch.


Smasha (Formerly Kamf Brothers, Smasha Grey, etc.)

A lot of highlights from events I barely am able to watch. Pretty solid content.



Hilarious thumbnails and videos are very creative. Has compilations with interesting themes.



If you haven’t heard of him, I’m surprised. Arguably more famous than VGBC because some casual people only watch highlights compared to actual videos. I think he’s canadian after talking with PhenominalEE [1].



This guy makes highlight reels for Mango. The videos produced are pretty good and I like the content he puts out. He has more than just the normal top ten videos and compilations being put out currently.


VGBC Highlights

A new channel that takes (some if not a lot) of the content creators listed here to make content for the “Official VGBC” Highlights channel. This is a bit of a smorgasbord of content since VGBC literally pulls content from the content creators on this list and it is uploaded to the highlights channel.



I loved Milk’s video talking about Mafia and Esam at Summit. He also deviates from just the “top ten videos” seen in a lot of channels now.



Went from deep shitposting to TAS to informative videos. It was a dramatic change from the content he initially started. He’s possibly the most thorough and technical TAS video maker currently. He’s been involved in some “shady” stuff like accused of ripping off Melee SD and his young link 600 hours video, but his videos are interesting sources of content.



I would call motbob the most hard working content creator that works literally just raw footage. Other people might do commentary like Omni, or TAS, but motbob just works with (what looks like) raw stream footage, not even the byte (ha get it?) sized portions that are the VGBC videos. His 30 mins – hour long commentary highlights gives a raw and satisfying feeling of watching a whole tournament stream but 1/8 the time. For busy people who can’t watch full streams anymore, this is incredibly fulfilling.

To go into even more what he does he has single-handedly uploaded tournaments where the hosters of the tournament NEVER EVEN UPLOADED IT. Meaning “Battle of the Five Gods”, “EVO 2016”, etc. are all on separate channels he uploaded and spent time making.


I’ve definitely missed some people, but this is my list. What’s yours?


Mango Melee Trivia Quiz

Leaderboard for Mango Trivia

1. -90%
2. l;ol-80%
3. 。20XXKevin-70%
4. green-60%
5. -60%

Welcome to your Mango Trivia


Mango's lowest placing tournament EVER when NOT sandbagging.
Which of these is NOT an emote on Mango's Twitch?
How many times has Mango placed top 8 in ANY EVO tournament?
What tournament did Mango and Leffen team?
Which of these games has Mango NEVER played on his Twitch?
What football team does Mango root for?
Who HASN'T taken a game from Mango?
What is Mango's favourite stage?
Who ISN'T part of Mango's Norwalk crew?
What is Mango's kid's first name?


Overrated Players (2016 Version)

I am a Canada hater. I am Canadian. I guess I am biased in some form because of that. Here’s a list of who I think are some of the most overrated players that will somehow sneak onto the SSBM rank 2016 based off of “fraudulent” wins, notions of results, and some miracles.



I love Kage, but he doesn’t place well anymore. He recently switched to Falcon (or something) and is “semi-dropping” Ganon. I assume that is kind of like Plup’s Samus but to a greater degree, but not fully dropping Ganon. I see this in a similar light to how Scar dropped Falcon for Marth. It’s the age old debate of viability versus player skill (and when talking about dropping characters for better performance we basically have to mention Hax$)

Whether or not it was the correct decision will have to be decided later in his placings, but I don’t see Kage bouncing back as a top 50 player after switching mains. I can slightly hypothesize that the switch was attributed to n0ne’s rather “large” success being a falcon main that plays a fair amount of Ganon. Since n0ne seems to be the “hot new player on the rise”, we can’t help but compare the #1 ranked in Ontario n0ne versus the old-school player Kage “the warrior”. (Is he still a warrior?)

This set is a hilarious set because of n0ne’s apt ability to switch between Ganon and Falcon. Also HugS choked away the win majorly.



That guy who beat M2k. That’s pretty much it. At the TBH6 he lost to Chillindude and Prince Abu. If he’s “top 30” in the world according to Smashboards Rank.

He’s had a significant improvement over last year for sure, but to put him in top 30…I’m not too sure. The only internation player of much better caliber he beats consistently is pewpewu, but the marth falcon match-up can be regarded as lopsided.

He plays in a hype style, but a lot of the times that over aggression puts him in bad situations or gets him killed in sub-optimal ways. In NO way am I saying to go all safe like Wizzrobe, if anything I prefer a aggro style over the 20GX. I guess I am a bit hypocritical saying that I hate a falcon that wins through lame 20GX methods or one that is bad through hype methods, but I enjoy S2J’s falcon and S2J is similar to n0ne’s falcon, just has better national placings.

At CEO 2016, n0ne lost to Laudandus and M2k (the runback did not end the same way as GOML), at EVO 2016 he lost to Wizzrobe. He lost to Chillindude at TBH6, Gravy at Pound 2016. I just think that the proportion of good wins he has is overshadowed (or at least should be) by his larger losses. If I am honest, I see him top 40 maybe. (NOT 24th)


Ryan Ford

Currently ranked #2 in Ontario, Ryan Ford aka Unknown522 is an interesting player. I liken him to the “Canadian Chillindude” because of his old school roots and ability to buster. His name is basically the most known thing about him, but at TBH6 he lost to Ka-Master.

If you wanna see the true fox ditto beatdown, see “The Come Up” grand finals with Leffen. He stomped on Ryan Ford.

He lost to Laudandus and DJ Nintendo at Pound 2016 (in r2 pools), lost to Wizzrobe and Frycook (I dunno who Frycook is) at Genesis 3, (in r2 pools), lost to n0ne and Weon-X at EGLX. He beat Druggedfox at GOML 2016, but lost to Ice. At TBH6 R2DLiu and Dizzkid. A lot of losses that are semi-expected, but there are some questionable losses with very little substantial  wins.



Druggedfox isn’t bad per se but he has had some rocky placings recently. After his infamous “EVO 2015 run” taking out Duck, S2J, and Lucky, and also having a close set with Mango and Leffen. He’s basically had non-top 8 finishes at every tournament he’s been to, which is (what I would say) a staple for anyone being ranked top 15-20. He lost to Plup and ChuDat at CEO 2016 for a close 9th place, but still no dice.



Granted he had a great 2015. That being said 2016 has been rough. Pretty mediocre placings for a supposed “top 20 player” and a diss track against him. He placed an abysmal 129th at EVO 2016, 33rd at Pound 2016, Super Smash Con, and TBH6, and  his best placing is 13th at GOML but lost to n0ne. (And let’s be honest GOML is not as stacked as any of the American tournaments I listed above, so getting 13th isn’t as hard.)


Smash Summit 3 Invited Players Announced

A bit late, but Smash Summit 3 invited players announced.

And they are:



Well New England is happy. And everyone else is raging. I’m not entirely thrilled that Mafia took the spot of a potential Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, Ice, or Ice. Jokes aside, Ice, Chillindude, and Chu Dat instead would have made me happier, but the votes are what ultimately count. If Mafia goes 0-2 in bracket with 0-3 sets he’ll join the Alex19 crew. I think Esam took a game last summit.


Kind of a surprise to be honest. S2J didn’t really sell out at all, but got spirit bombed into the tournament. He has been voted into ALL Smash Summits so far. (He must have a dedicated fan base. I mean DEDICATED. Because Smash Summit is not cheap, and getting him into it three times?)


His video may have helped him slightly even if Leffen declined the money match.

He was added to Smash Summit 2 after Hax dropped out. He has a good chance of beating Leffen since Leffen is actually showing up to Smash Summit 3. We’ll wait and see what happens.


NorCal. Pretty good. No real complaints since PewFat also gets to face the Armada Classic. (Basically Armada + any god/ somewhat god) He also is pretty good. Except when he plays against n0ne. He (I think) always loses to n0ne? (GOML 2016, and Genesis 3)


Nutty falcon and overrated. That being said I think he’s decent. I think he’s top 40 at best, (and not 24th according to some sources that shall not be named) but he’s hype and I give him that. Wizzrobe somehow didn’t make it in despite selling out arguably one of the hardest among the smashers (giveaway, rap, stream, etc.) n0ne and S2J team? Possible and not too unlikely.

To be honest, the Canadian representation is not necessarily a bad thing. I guess Kage didn’t really pave/represent Canada’s full potential, and by sending in n0ne we can somehow show Canada is NOT seeded last in the top 8 regions? Well I’m looking for a silver lining.

The Moon

Pretty good marth main. He took Mango to game five at TBH6 and he’s #1 in Tristate? (I think since Hax is not there) he can compete with the big dogs in singles AND teams since he plays a lot of teams with DJ Nintendo. I’m not disappointed with him going. (If you look at my original list of who I wanted. I literally got ONE person, The Moon. Everyone else was wiped out)



I’m a bit salty. A lot of “shoe-ins” didn’t make it like Chudat, Ice, etc. and others got in. I’m fine with n0ne making it in now, I would rather n0ne than Wizzrobe just off of playstyle and region representation. S2J is undeniably a good player, but he has gotten 9th at both Smash Summits previously. That puts him above the “Alex19” tier of attendees, but barely out of range of “God” tier attendees. If he really wants to make a strong impact he would need to beat a “M2K” or “Leffen”. I’m all for that, but after three times going to Smash Summit, I really hope people voted correctly.

I also want to say I forgot to vote this summit. I’m not sure if I said that before, but I actually forgot to. I wanted to save my 40 votes for someone in the end, but I didn’t like anyone in the end and I never used them up. Duck was saved from elimination in the second round by less than 20 votes which is a scary though considering he made it in. I was on a bus (with no wifi) when the last summit voting phase went through, so I didn’t get to use my last 40 votes. Do I regret it? Slightly. I feel my contribution would have made an impact, but I don’t think I could have saved Chu, or Chillin, or Ice. I only used my 40 free votes and no “vote exploit” votes. (Don’t know what the exploit was? See my article here for more info)


That’s my opinion. What’s yours?


Funny little video at the end about Mafia:


The Problem with… Smash Summit

I’m gonna start a new series called “The Problem with…” focusing on some of the more issues or “problems” in the community. It sounds cynical, but really I want to discuss important issues that are in the scene that are not talked about as much as they should be. Smash Summit 3 voting ended shortly, but the mess the community caused is extremely understated.

    1. The “Vote Exploit”, which is technically 100% legal despite the name

    2. Smashers Selling Out

The WHOLE Smash Summit tournament series is a problem in itself. It’s a huge problem for the community because of HOW GOOD of an event it is. That seems a bit counter-intuitive, but Smash Summit consistently puts out amazing content whether it be the production value of the tournament sets, the side-events, or the commentary. That being said, the high production value makes the event so coveted that only 16 players are invited (and then some “tournament staples” and “Smash Summit bought spots”). The event is small and intimate and brings out some of the best of the community whether it be M2K doing Luigi’s misfire, Kage reking Alex19 in the crew battle, Mango’s Stadium match vs. Plup, the list goes on. This is a cynical series (judging from the name of “The Problem…”), but I really want to discuss possibilities of how to fix the problems instead of just throwing out info out there. Sometimes there really are no concrete solutions, but maybe just some food for thought.


  1. The “Vote Exploit”

I disagree with the fact it is even called an “exploit”. It was clearly shown in the rules for getting votes. (They seemed to have removed that part now that voting is done) To paraphrase it said you get 20 votes for each tournament donation you do. Quoting the reddit post “Here’s the trick For every tournament you donate to you get 20 votes. There are 7 tournaments available to donate to. The minimum is $3. Donate $3 to each and you’ll end up with 161 votes. If you donate to Smash Summit as well you will get 184. This is absolutely broken and game changing.” That means that super sleeper agents stockpiled dummy Smash.gg accounts to basically multiply your vote ability by a game changing x8. (160/20 since you can get 160 votes for $20 instead of 20 votes for $20). Although this method was frowned upon (ever so slightly), it was inarguably the most efficient method of buying votes.

I can say with confidence that every candidates’ fans, after this “exploit” was publicized, used this in a large manner to skew voting. That’s probably why Mafia from New England made it in the first place and super favourites like Wizzrobe and Ice barely didn’t make it last time. That being said, the other problems is in #2 Smash Sellout.

  1. “Smash Sellout”

Admittedly I think the larger of the two issues. Don’t get me wrong. I like the promotional aspects of smashers being able to speak to the community to get their name out to vote for them. Whether they are a large player with an established fan base, S2J, Lucky, Wizzrobe, etc. or a smaller player trying to get on the map, Overtriforce, Santiago, Druggedfox. That type of self-promotion not only helps their player recognition but also sponsors can see what type of player they are ultimately sponsoring. Another positive side-effect is the overall community promotion whether it be to other e-sports gamers, spectators of other games, and likewise.

That being said, it is far from all positive messages and fair play. The voting incentives are riddled with giveaways, statements to vote for people, and other promises. I was able to download some of the rap videos for proof of some of the “promotional materials”. (Check the bottom of the article if you wanna see the raps n0ne, The Moon, and Wizzrobe made)

I like this tweet because what happens now? Is Gimr NOT going to release that special episode now that he didn’t get voted in? It seems like a waste of potentially good content.

pewpewu wrote a twitlonger talking about the summit 3 experience here. He talked about how he felt “It’s a problem that I believe afflicted other people in the community as well– never have I experienced so much negativity and honestly just raw personal attacks at me.” and said “During this Summit voting I became the opposite– harsh, heartless, demeaning… ‘qualities’ of life that I don’t wish to identify with.” I totally agree with what he is saying. What the community showed in arguing over Twitter, reddit, and other social medias showed an immaturity that is often masked in the community. I can see that the conflict stems for the love of the game and the community itself, but the Smash Summit series always seems to draw battle lines between different fanbases.

Is there a concrete solution to this? In many ways there isn’t. I really want to give a simple solution, but there a lot of times when there is nothing perfect. You can’t have a strict promotion policy because that restricts creativity, and the free reigns causes incidences like this. In the future, smash.gg is going to fix their vote policy with hopefully a more fair and balanced system. (as opposed to a million proxy accounts) That is the only solution that can be done for sure.

The scene acts as they want, and the players trying to go to summit will almost do anything to get votes. It breaks my heart that Ice didn’t get in (maybe because he didn’t promote himself as hard as others), but on the same coin some people became community-proclaimed sellouts and their smash summit 3 voting status was still not guaranteed. For this article I wanted to highlight the smash scene’s greatest enemy that even Zero said is possibly itself.

After being underground so long, and really still being underground, it’s come a long way but the smash scene always has something to prove. Whether it’s Melee vs. Smash 4, Melee players that go to Summit, etc. I felt that after voting was done, this whole issue was swept under the rug, and was almost ignored (until Smash Summit 4 rolls around). What do you think? Do you agree with my thoughts?



n0ne’s video is a joke. It’s obvious but the production value sucks. Maybe that adds to the appeal. I give it a 2/5 for effort. Arguably the worst “rap” out of all of the players.

The Moon:

Straight fire compared to the others. Honestly comparable to Chillin and Mike Haze’s rap. Pretty good to be honest. 4.5/5


I found this one the most cringey. It was clear and had some nice metaphors and rhymes but it kinda fell apart (on purpose?) at the end. It wasn’t as bad as n0ne’s. So it gets 3/5.


Those are my thoughts.



Best of Smash Summit 3 Sellout Giveaways/Promises/Promotions

(Let’s be real, is GIMR gonna scrap a Chillin with Chu episode if he doesn’t make it in?)




Which Melee Pro are you?

Trying something new. Trying not to be Buzzfeed level posts though.



You lose game 1. Where do you go?



Tech Skill?

Drink of Choice?

Best character in the game?

Low Tier choice?

Most used technique?


Smash Summit 3… It’s that time of the year again.

Well it’s everyone’s favourite time of the year again. Time for Smash Summit 3 player voting. The top ten consist of:

  • Armada
  • Mango
  • Hungrybox
  • Leffen
  • M2K
  • Plup
  • Westballz
  • Shroomed
  • Axe
  • SFAT

(No PPMD this year once again 🙁 )

Nominations are open here for voting for your favourite smash player to be admitted. Wizzrobe, Ice, and Chillindude all have early leads with some people trailing behind such as Overtriforce, Dizzkid, MacD, and Laudandus.

The smash powered popularity contest has once again been refuelled and ready to decisively have viewers vote for their sole favourite players.

Who should go to Smash Summit 3:

  • Ice
  • ChuDat
  • Chillindude
  • Druggedfox
  • Santiago
  • The Moon

I looked for a mix of locations, character variety and viability in the tournament.


No surprise after his 3rd place performance at TBH6 he is a crowd favourite. His sleeper pick status, residence in Europe, and underrated ability make him a choice pick. Ice can also do some massive damage at TBH6 so people are pretty hype for him to go.


He’s had an amazing year. Placings at Heir 3, EVO 2016, CEO 2016, Pound 2016, and TBH6. Now some of those placings are 17th places, but he’s beaten people like SFAT, SilentWolf, Westballz, Druggedfox, Axe, n0ne, Vanity Angel, Trifasia, Infinite Numbers, Ghatzhu, Alex19 (Alex19 is a top-tier BEAST) and taken a game from Armada. Also him and Chillin beat M2k and Hbox at TBH6 in teams. (Partially why I want both of them there again)


PS Leffen I ain’t done yet. He’s the underdog so place your bets. If you wanna see Leffen looking weak. Maybe a Smash Summit 3 Salty Suite? I dunno about that. But Chillin’s raps are so funny it keeps him relevant in the smash scene. His placings are not amazing (and neither is his fox) but he has two “achievements”. He beat Wizzrobe and he beat n0ne. That’s about it. And Nintendude at TBH6.


The new fox main. Honestly he had the quickest jump to top 15 in Melee and then a quick drop to top 40 irrelevance with his Falco and then fox. He lost to Rudolph at TBH6:


To be honest, I really want to see if Druggedfox is up to compete with the top 15 again. He seemed to rise and drop really quickly. I kinda want him to perform well, but that’s up to him.


This is kind of a sleeper pick since we really don’t know much about Santiago other than CA and did well at EVO 2015. Other than that he apparently retired after December 2015, and somehow wants to be voted into Summit. With almost no tournament placings in 2016 that is a cryptic enough way to end a smash career.

That being said, I’ve seen some sets with Santiago and by no means is he bad. I’d be a weird change of pace to have him, but nonetheless I wanna see it.

The Moon

Slice. White Marth, unorthodox neutral, but took Mango to game 5 at TBH6. Top placing at Heir 3, beaten Westballz a bit. He’s a good player and from the East Coast. He’s pretty funny on commentary as well, so hopefully he can do that as well.


Who I think shouldn’t go to Smash Summit 3:

  • Wizzrobe
  • N0ne
  • HugS
  • Dizzkidboogie

All of these players I feel would not add anything to Smash Summit. Everyone I didn’t list in either list I am impartial either way.


I watch Wizzrobe play and no doubt he is good at Melee. That being said, I disagree with the masses and I think that 20GX is one of the MOST BORING things to watch as a commentator. Yes, he can take games from Mango, M2k, Hbox, etc. I hate watching his falcon play which is contrasted by the n0ne and S2J type falcons.


After bustering at TBH6 to Chillindude, losing to ChuDat at Heir3, and other miscellaneous wins and losses, n0ne is regarded by me as the MOST overrated player currently. (Druggedfox has lost this effect) He is the #1 ranked Canadian player, but I don’t think he is that good. His placings are all overshadowed by “That one time he beat M2k”, and then proceeded to lose to M2k the next set they played in tournament. I sound like a “n0ne hater”, but I just feel like the spot would be better going to someone else.


HugS has somehow gotten to Smash Summit in the past. (Probably uninvited) He’s had a bad 2016 compared to 2015. I don’t wanna see a bustering samus as much as I don’t wanna see jabs and ftilts for 4 minutes.


Basically known for two things wobbling and taking no stocks from Kage on yoshi’s story in the NorCal vs Canada crew battle. (I never said it was easy, just said he didn’t take a stock) Chu wobbles, but his wobbles have a ironic twist. They are socking in hilarity and that inevitable “YEAHHHUZZZ” at the end. Dizzkid wobbles and literally will just win the set. Two different players using techniques sorta similarly.

These are my thoughts. Agree, disagree?


“Nice Shot Hugo” vs “No Chill”

The smash scene has been met with revelating diss tracks, and here I will analze each rap and figure out who had the better rap. My criteria are Bars, Flow and Delivery, and Video.


“Nice Shot Hugo” (Oct 3, 2016)

Yo Hugo? That’s my dog… But I gotta hit a sub goal tho
[Verse 1]
It’s been a while, it’s time for a new flow
I’m Chillin, that’s too cold, I’m taking a shot at Hugo
How in the fuck you still losing to Drephen
It’s truly upsettin’ I’ve been stomping that dude since ’07
And we got Faceroll, HAT, Alex and ChuDat
I’m leavin’ them dudes flat, you can’t even do that
Don’t get me wrong we ain’t talking bad players
But you can’t even sleep without nightmares of YAYUHZZ
Pull it back, hit you with the slow flow
Make the comeback like two stocks with SoPo
Get back to labbing if you spent some time playing it
You might stop losing to Falcon and maybe even to Ganon
I still have faith, get back to the big stage
Before that you gotta learn to beat KJH
Why you out here making cakes of my face
Try beating Tafo, that’s a piece of cake
Kira and Reno, why they still bop you
My man still out here losing to Gahtzu
HugS this year looking real shaky son
How many Ganons you beat lately? n0ne
You need to reflect like Alex19
Maybe even need to practice on your stream
I think all that BrainGear’s bad for your head
Why the fuck you on camera shavin’ your legs?
Shit gettin’ heavy man, I feel kinda bad
Maybe I should stop…
Nah, fuck that[Verse 2]
Ready to go in, man, gimme the drop
HugS whole year been getting bibbity bopped
Can’t say I expected it, it’s really a shock
That Samus so sloppy, man gimme a mop
Guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks
Who hasn’t whoopedu hugs86?
Placing 9th at locals, he must be feeling free
But HugS will be fine, he got Social Security
At this point, I guess it’s pretty clear
HugS really wishin’ it was back to last year
Maryland-Virginia, we fill his heart with fear
Might be bad at Smash but at least he knows his beer
P.S. Hugo, I find it kinda odd
Got swept by SmashG0D, got swept by lloD
Couple bad losses, maybe coulda shook it off
Unranked Falco? That’s Far from a good loss
20th rank, but your skills might be fadin’
My man lost to Plank, yeah that rank is outdated
Might be top 50 but I’m tryna be nice
Accurately speaking maybe 129th
 “No Chill” (Oct 5, 2016)

Guess i gotta bring it back to teach chillin a lesson
it’s truly upsetting after getting bodied by leffen
He set up his defense but i’m standing here with a deadly weapon
Just gimme a second and chillin will see armageddon

everyone knows that you try play the game weird
maybe you’d stop losing if you sipped on some brain gear
Just gotta say I’m sorry if this seems mean
Part of team liquid hugo’s sponsored by your dream team

Been here ten years still irrelevant
never getting gold cuz that’s too far out your element
Guess you gotta rap to make yourself feel better kid
Why you talkin smack? Who’ d you lose to at Genesis?

i’m steppin to chillin reppin the west i’m the villain
never been solid like liquid I rap em up like im gifted this shits
been written in the hidden scripts of tafokints living kin
that chillin would probably lose to Eikelmann

Nah homeboy i gotta bring the beat back
Winner stays on so you getting seat jacked
gotta keep it real you know my flow will always kill man
no way you can beat me when you droppin sets to Milk Man :’)

You aint got smash and you aint got bars
Your real rank is between Kira and Scar
so what Hugo might’ve lost to Far
but chillin lemme ask..who the fuck is Gar?

Aint got no footage do you know what that means?
you rarely get far enough to play on a stream
Now you’re on a team with captain crunch
Guess this is what’ll happen if you lose to dunk

PS chillin you must be confused
I Liked your last rap, did Neo write that too?
Gotta call you out like when I beat chu
and leave you body bagged like when I beat you


Chillin’s rap references HugS most infamous loss to Chu Dat at EVO,  losing to SmashG0D and llod, and losing to a plethora of other smash players on every line. The best lines are “And we got Faceroll, HAT, Alex and ChuDat
I’m leavin’ them dudes flat, you can’t even do that”,  “But you can’t even sleep without nightmares of YAYUHZZ/Pull it back, hit you with the slow flow/Make the comeback like two stocks with SoPo”, and “P.S. Hugo, I find it kinda odd/Got swept by SmashG0D, got swept by lloD”. Mike Haze’s lines are smash related at times, but are also widely irrelevant such as “never getting gold cuz that’s too far out your element” and “i’m steppin to chillin reppin the west i’m the villain/never been solid like liquid I rap em up like im gifted this shits/been written in the hidden scripts of tafokints living kin/that chillin would probably lose to Eikelmann”. Those lines exemplify Mike Haze’s wordplay, but the meaning is so weak in those lines. They have smash connotations, but they felt like a stretch just to rhyme.

“Nice Shot Hugo” 4/5 WINNER

“No Chill” 2/5

Flow and Delivery

Let’s start off with Mike Haze rapping and NOT HugS. That is already a deduction since you’re literally inserting yourself into a beef (or joke beef) that doesn’t even concern you. Getting past the point that there is not even a HugS verse, Mike Haze and Chillin have comparable flows. Mike Haze’s beat is a bit quicker and he can spit bars better than Chillin.

I’ll say that Mike Haze has a better flow than Chillin, and I’ll give him points for that, but in many ways this isn’t his rap. Mike Haze can rap about his accomplishments (like beating Chu), but seeing HugS saying other rebuttals based off of his wins (like Leffen, etc.) would have been more 1v1 focused (instead of this weird 1 v 2 dynamic).

“Nice Shot Hugo” 3.5/5 WINNER

“No Chill” 3/5


It is evident that the “No Chill” video was made in immediate retaliation to “Nice Shot Hugo” and took much less time to make. That being said, Chillin’s video was made with the help of PapaPaint, but HugS’s (or Mike Haze’s) rap is low-budget and funny (That part where HugS has his arm out on Fountain is hilarious) , but sometimes the higher perceived quality video wins out. Some of Mike Haze’s green screen effects worked well (The gaR part), but it really didn’t have the shine and sparkle that PapaPaint’s video had. I can’t knock the video for being made in a fraction of the time it took for the first video, but it clearly was a worse video.

“Nice Shot Hugo” 4/5 WINNER

“No Chill” 2/5


Final Verdict

With a straight 3-0, Chillin’s video beats HugS’s. (I’m not sure at this point to call it HugS’s video or Mike Haze’s) I’m actually surprised that people say that Mike Haze’s video is better in any aspect. His lines might sounds better, but the meaning behind a lot of them are weaker than or comparable to Chillin’s lines.

Who will win The Big House 6 Crews?

Who will win TBH6 Crews?

Alongside a lot of other people, I feel that the crew battles placing depends on Leffen. The seeds have not yet been determined, but I have a prediction that they will look like this:

1 Florida: Hungrybox, M2K, Plup, Wizzrobe, Colbol (Alt: DrunkSloth)


An arguable 1st seed, everyone thinks the team is extremely strong. Two gods and three from top 7 is nothing to scoff at. Especially since Wizzrobe is arguably top 15 and Colbol can be top 20. The team has a wide range of diversity since Hungrybox can handle fast fallers, M2K handles non-fast fallers, and any weird icies can be sent to either Wizzrobe or Colbol. The ONLY way this crew can lose is if M2K gets counterpicked an ice climber heavy team (*cough NorCal *cough)

2 SoCal: Mango, Westballz, Lucky, S2J, MacD (Alt: HugS)

A fast falling team rounded out with the rare Peach MacD. Not really much to say about it other than the team is aggressive and fast. A lot of things can happen. Westballz can buster and Mango needs to pick up the slack. OR the team can piledrive through a team. This is the most unpredictable team, because it has the most potential as a team. MacD can be used creatively for ice climbers, and no floatie is really safe with the coverage of Mango, S2J, and Lucky. Westballz and Mango seem to be the deciding factors here where Mango needs to be amazing as he usually is in crews and Westballz needs to perform well (and not POORLY).

I love the SoCal crew lineup, but I think that their team and playstyle is a bit too aggressive for a crew battle to do well.

3 Europe: Armada, Leffen, Ice, Professor Pro, Android (Alt: Vanity Angel)


Europe’s success depends on Leffen’s presence. Two gods in Florida’s lineup doesn’t seem so daunting once Europe has two top 6, Armada and Leffen. With Leffen, (and if Armada plays Fox), their team has potentially the same number of fast-fallers. That being said, I think it is smarter to go with Armada’s peach then since they have three other diverse foxes. (As well, they have ice climber armor now)

Europe honestly should have no trouble going to grands with Florida, the only thing stopping them is SoCal, and even that is undecided. Europe tends to synergize poorly, and SoCal “technically” has better players, but Armada somehow can pull it through. That being said, let it be known, I think Europe > SoCal.

4 NorCal: SFAT, Shroomed, Pewpewu, dizzkidboogie, Nintendude (Alt: Zhu)


Norcal’s lineup has gotten a powerup, dropping Laudandus and HomeMadeWaffles for Nintendude and Pewpewu. Ultimately a better choice of players, but switched around their dynamic a bit more. They’re a more “ice climber heavy” team with 2/5 being ice climbers. With the absence of any peaches (except MacD and possibly Armada, he may go Peach since his team already has two foxes) and pretty much only one falcon per team, it’s not necessarily a bad choice.

5 Canada: KirbyKaze, Nightmare, Ryan Ford, Kage, N0ne (Alt: Trulliam)


I have a personal bias against Canada (since I am Canadian) and I think that they will always perform poorly as part of my bias. Ryan Ford, Kage, and n0ne are what I think are the most overrated players of the current Canada meta. I actually would like to see Trulliam instead of Ryan Ford or Kage. KirbyKaze although an amazing player, has been inactive for a while and I’m not too sure on his current skills. (Yes, he did go to a few “Well Played”, EGLX, Smash at York  but has had lackluster results for a player of his caliber) We have upgraded from mittens -> Nightmare, but our team still lacks the results and experience to truly be compared to top American players.

I don’t expect Canada to get too far, and I would even say Midwest has a stronger crew. I would have liked to see a crew with Nightmare, Trulliam, Moky, and maybe some other Ontario people.

6 Midwest: Duck, Kels, KJH, Price Abu, Captain Faceroll (Alt: Darkrain)

A fairly balanced team skill wise with relatively skilled players. We haven’t seen Kels in a hot minute for 2016, (and I guess 2015?) Unlike the Southwest team, this team has the breadth of players, but has no really deep depth (top 10 players or really top 20) Duck is their most prominent player, (from the midwest triangle of Abu, KJH, and Duck) but their are no really heavy hitters on the team.

7 Southwest: Axe, Wobbles, Taj, Tai, Ka-Master


A top heavy team with Axe and Wobbles, and then Taj, Tai, and Ka-Master. Taj and Ka-Master are not top 100, but Tai is barely top 100. Their team might run into some problems against a peach (because of Wobbles), but overall just need a stronger breath for their other players to really make it far. Right now they have to rely on their depth from the top to win the crew battle.

8 MD/VA: Chillindude, Chu Dat, Zain, Wenbo, Sypher, (Alt: Peanutphobia)


The most probable last seed and (unfortunately) with good reason. Chu and Chillin are the only top 100 players on the list, and it will take a miracle for them to beat first seed (Florida). From what I’ve seen from all these players is that it is the fact that they will just be placed against a crew where EVERY player is better than their own.


Here is my prediction for the TBH6CrewBattles with Leffen.

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Here is my prediction for the TBH6CrewBattles without Leffen.

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