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S2J, Chu, and more! Signed to Esports Teams

“Tempo Storm” S2J

Interesting news recently for Chu and S2J. S2J is someone I thought would never get signed. (I guess the reality is that Smoke2Jointz won’t get signed but S2J will)

He was a good enough of a player to get signed, just didn’t have enough exposure to getting signed for a long time. (Similar to Lucky or Silentwolf, both who are signed currently) Interestingly Westballz went to G2E and Axe stayed at Tempo Storm. This allowed for a slot to be open and S2J apparently claimed it.


Chu Dat

(Clip made by Mike Haze)


Chu has notoriously been dropped from multiple teams and picked up as well. Mortality Esports, Root Gaming, and now has been picked up by VGBC.

It is difficult for a person from the documentary but few results to get a sponsor. Ken, KDJ, Chillin, and others all got sponsors very quickly and retained them. Finding Chu a sponsor is similar to finding Azen a sponsor, or Isai. His lack of amazing placings leaves him in a situation where sponsors may support him, but drop him later.

Pink Fresh

Back in the PM days I asked why Pink Fresh was not sponsored by VGBC. His PM days are probably over, but he was pretty good almost taking out M2K in bracket.

What does this mean?

It helps legitimize Melee as an Esport and Smash 4, and shows the scene’s growth as a whole. Pretty much all of the top 20 have a legitimate sponsor now. Some notable top names without sponsors are:




The Moon

Hopefully we see other teams pick up a smash player.

EVO 2016 Results and Upsets so far, ZeRo, Armada, Mango, Chu Dat, Duck, Mew2King

The tournament is half-way done with Smash 4 finishing today and melee finishing tomorrow.

Super Smash Bros. Melee — Top 32

Winners bracket
Alliance|Armada (Peach, Fox) vs. Selfless|Lucky (Fox)
Duck (Samus) vs. VGBC|ChuDat (Ice Climbers)
FOX|Mew2King (Sheik, Marth) vs. Gravy (Captain Falcon)
BERT|Swedish Delight (Sheik) vs. CLG|PewPewU (Marth)
Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff) vs. Liquid|Chillin (Fox)
WTF|Shroomed (Sheik) vs. Tempo|Axe (Pikachu)
C9|Mango (Falco) vs. mYi|Ice (Fox)
RG|Javi (Fox) vs. PG|Plup (Sheik)

Losers bracket
SmashG0D (Marth) vs. SPY|Nintendude (Ice Climbers)
G2|Westballz (Falco, Fox) vs. CLG|SFAT (Fox)
Cactuar (Fox, Marth) vs. TGL|DruggedFox (Fox)
Tempo|S2J (Captain Falcon) vs. Frootloop (Falco, Sheik)
EMG|n0ne (Captain Falcon) vs. COG|Wizzrobe (Captain Falcon)
GG|Zhu (Falco) vs. Laudandus (Sheik)
Amino|MikeHaze (Fox) vs. SS|Colbol (Fox, Marth)
PG|Wobbles (Ice Climbers) vs. CT|The Moon (Marth)



The biggest surprises are probably Chu over SFAT, Chillin taking out Wizzrobe and N0ne making it into top 32. HugS getting taken down by llod and Fiction (who I guess is super rusty) being sent to losers by SmashGod.


Melee Singles Round 1 Pools

Sent to Losers

  • Trichael Man by Goose
  • Nintendude by Kaeon (0-2)
  • MattDotZeb by FireFly
  • Triple R by Doomy
  • FendrickLamar by Cowbell


  • ESAM by SwordSaint and Yung Dactyl
  • Vish DQ’d
  • PatCombo by FullMetal and FullMetal
  • Bizzarro Flame DQ’d
  • Junebug DQ’d


Sent to Losers

  • HugS by LLoD
  • Fly Amanita by Prince Abu
  • Kira by Kounotori
  • Wizzrobe by Chillindude829
  • Laudandus by Infinite Numbers
  • Westballz by Duck (kryptonite of westballz)
  • SFAT by Chudat (yikes lol)


  • HugS by Far
  • Reno by FatGoku
  • Kage by Tai
  • Ralph by Ryobeat
  • Ken by Darkatma
  • Eddy Mexico by Tafokints
  • Prince Abu by Squid (the runback from Squid)
  • Fiction by Smashg0d
  • Medz by Zain
  • Dizzkidboogie by Azusa


Information from:





“MewtwoKing will win EVO 2016”


The Robot, the Old Guy, Has Hurt Hands

How has 2016 fared so far for Mewtwoking?

Mewtwoking has struggled. As a god that is seen on the “weaker spectrum” alongside PPMD, it is difficult to win nationals with other gods in attendance. (In 2014 people said Hbox and M2k were the weaker links, and it seems Hbox has levelled up)

Battle of Five Gods he got 7th losing to Plup and then Wobbles.

Smash Summit 2 (3rd), EGLX (3rd), Dreamhack Austin (3rd),

GOML2016 (9th) losing to Leffen and n0ne.

Smash and Splash 2 (3rd), CEO 2016 (2nd), WTFOX 2 (3rd).

All around 2nd-9th placings which are fairly solid for a top player, but lackluster for a god player.

Why Mewtwoking?

He won Apex 2016. That in itself is a challenge. Ok, jokes aside many people would say he has a very minimal chance of winning, and that is true. I would probably say that M2K would need to be playing phenomenally that day and the rest of the gods playing poorly. He has shown he can beat the other gods, but he often needs to be playing pretty well. He currently beat Hungrybox at WTFOX 2 and took a set from Armada at Smash Summit 2 and had other close sets. He has beaten Mango in the past such as at Smash Summit 2. He Leffen a long time ago. He has also taken sets from top players like SFAT, Shroomed, and Plup.

Just because he HAS beaten them doesn’t mean he will. That is the difference.

The biggest chances he has is maybe some set cheese in best of 3 sets and winning two games.

Who are his Biggest Obstacles?

The top gods Hungrybox, Armada, Mango, and Leffen. Simply put he has struggling track records against Armada, new Hbox, and god Leffen.

Talking more about characters, he has had trouble with ice climbers in the past. He has beaten and lost to prominent ice climber mains before. Since he goes Peach, it often goes down to how well M2K’s Peach is on that day.

Awesome Sets:

EGLX M2K vs. Mango

Battle of Five Gods: M2K vs. Plup

WTFOX2: Hungrybox vs. M2k


Who will EVO 2016?

“Hungrybox will win EVO 2016”


The puff, the defensive, the clutch player

How has 2016 fared so far for Hungrybox?

Pretty good and he has shown that his newly optimized puff can hold up against the gods and win tournaments. He has taken 1st place at many tournaments with gods attending such as Battle of Five Gods, Pound 2016, EGLX, Smash and Splash 2, LTC 4, and CEO 2016. His “non-1st place” tournaments were Genesis 3 (3rd), Smash Summit 2 (2nd), Dreamhack Austin (2nd), and WTFOX2 (with a surprising 5th place).

sad to say that this tweet was NOT continued after his WTFOX tournament placing.

Why Hungrybox?

He has shown his consistency in 2015, and then his dominance in 2016. His puff is able to take on high-level spacies and floaties alike. He shut down Armada’s Peach to a point where he had to get a Fox. His puff plays a defensive style that can clutch out wins and comeback with rest. The combination of more lethal edgeguards, Hungrybox is able to slowly and more accurately take stocks where others may flub tech skill.

Who are his Biggest Obstacles?

His biggest opponents are still Armada and Leffen. (aka the Swedes) Despite Mango beating him at GOML and Dreamhack Austin to name a few, he still struggles to beat him on a consistent basis. (Like at LTC4 or EGLX)

Since fox is such a versatile character and each top player plays him differently, Hungrybox needs to adapt to each playstyle. At the end of the day, it still is Fox, and Hungrybox’s edgeguards have improved dramatically.

Awesome Sets:

LTC4: Mango vs. Hungrybox

Smash and Splash 2: Hungrybox vs. SFAT

LTC4: Lucky vs. Hungrybox

GOML2016: Leffen vs. Hungrybox

WTFOX2: Hungrybox vs. Wizzrobe (RIP)


Who will EVO 2016?

“Leffen will win EVO 2016”


The Newest God, The Samus-Hater, Plagued with Visa-Issues

How has 2016 fared so far for Leffen?

Well sparse. In terms of placings, he only had two real placings at nationals for EGLX and GOML. (Both Canadian tournaments with Gods in attendance) He placed 7th and 1st respectively. He also beat SFAT at Battle of BC for 1st and got 2nd at BEAST 6 to Armada. (Not even going to count “The Come Up” tournament where he 3-0ed Ryan Ford)

There’s not much data to work with here. He is seeded 5th at EVO, which he called “unfair”

Why Leffen?

His motivation and talent have gotten him this far, but let’s see if it can hold up. His recent encounter with Mango, Hbox, M2K, and Armada showed to be favourable for Leffen, where he won GOML 2016. His lack of performances due to his visa have shown to not be an issue practice-wise, and played incredibly sharp during the tournament. After his disappointing EGLX tournament, many people doubted his skill at GOML, but were proven wrong by his practice and resolve. Let’s see if that can hold up under the pressure of EVO’s stage.

Who are his Biggest Obstacles?

His visa? Jokes aside it’s hard to tell honestly. With such little data on how he has improved compared to others, it is very trivial. You can make a safe bet that he has been labbing Samus-Fox hard, to a point where he understands it. He seemed to show competency against Peach and fox dittos at GOML, and even beat the newly improved Hbox.

Awesome Sets:

The Come Up: Ryan Ford vs Leffen

GOML: Leffen vs Hungrybox

EGLX: Duck vs. Leffen


Who will EVO 2016?

“Mango will win EVO 2016”

The GOAT, the Kid, and the Marth?

Mango is hot off a win from WTFOX 2, but can he carry the momentum into EVO 2016?


Former puff, Spacie legend, and aggressive player all-around.

How has 2016 fared so far for Mango?

Better than 2015. And that’s not saying much, but he has become the “Hbox of 2014” with so many 2nd places until DreamHack Austin 2016 where he beat Hbox to get 1st. (Which was a feat that didn’t happen since Paragon LA 2015 )

At the start of 2016 and Genesis 3 coming up, Mango has seen dramatic improvement in both the fox ditto, his marth (which is used for FD or fox dittos occasionally), with the lowest placing being 4th at Smash Summit 2. (All others are 2nd or 1st)

Why Mango?

He is hot off his win from WTFOX 2 and he is out for revenge after losing EVO 2015 and the 3VO chance by losing to Plup and Hbox.

He has only won Dreamhack Austin and WTFOX 2 in 2016, but has maintained a consistent top 4 placing elsewhere. This still means he has dropped sets to Plup or Westballz in the recent history, but still shows the possibility.

It all comes down to how much Mango prepares and how well he is playing at EVO 2016. We know what he needs to work on, it’s now up to him if he will be able to work on those points. Peach-Fox, Puff-Fox, Fox Dittos are the three main points I would argue are what he needs to keep sharp. If his Marth is real, practicing Marth-Peach then as well on FD.

Who are his biggest obstacles?

Armada, Hbox, Leffen, Westballz, Plup… No one knows

Armada may be the consistency god, but Mango is the opposite. He may not lose as badly like Westballz to random people, but we never know who Mango CAN lose to. He has lost to those people before, but his style of play lets him 3-0 Plup at times, [Pound 2016] and then barely win sets 3-2.[Smash Summit 2]


Awesome Sets:

Battle of Five Gods: Mango vs. Armada

GOML 2016: Mango vs. Armada

GOML 2016: Mango vs Hungrybox

LTC4: Mango vs. Hungrybox


Who will EVO 2016?

“Armada will win EVO 2016”

Sorry for hiatus, here are my thoughts on the past few Melee tournaments.

With 4/5 gods in attendance (PPMD 🙁 )

There are tons of arguments for who will win but let’s focus on one person at a time.


The Swedish Sniper, the most-consistent, and the most punish-heavy god. A very favourable pick for winning EVO after his very successful 2015.


How has 2016 fared so far for Armada?

Decent. Strong points early on with BEAST 6 and Genesis 3 with 1st place finishes, but rather low placings at EGLX (17th forfeit because he wasn’t feeling well), GOML (5th), and Battle of the Five Gods (If you count 3rd as low for Armada)


Why Armada?

He has a track record of being one of the most consistent melee players ever and has a diverse counterpick method. Playing both Fox and Peach allows him to take on floaties with Peach and fast fallers (mainly Fox, and maybe Fox) with Fox.

One of Armada’s greatest strengths is his counterpick meta. he covers a lot of the cast. Icies, Samus, and Marth which have notably caused trouble for some solo Fox mains (like Leffen) are nullified by his Peach.


Who are his biggest obstacles?

Mango and Leffen. He has lost sets to them both this year. Mango has seemed to figure out the fox ditto ever since Genesis 3, and after losing EVO 2015 last year, Mango is out for the 3VO. Leffen is a slightly harder bet since he has been hindered because of his Visa issues.

Some can argue Hungrybox or M2K being threats after taking sets from him recently, but not in as much of a dominant or consistent fashion as Mango or Leffen. (For the Leffen haters, Leffen without much practice has beaten Armada in 2015 too, and I expect big things from him coming into EVO after his GOML performance)


Awesome Sets:

WTFOX2 M2K vs. Armada LF

WTFOX2 Mango vs. Armada GF

GOML2016 Armada vs. Leffen WSF

Genesis 3 Armada vs. Mango GF

Hope you enjoyed. Next will be Mango will win EVO 2016.


Who will EVO 2016?



Melee Timeline of 2015 – Part 1

I thought this would be a cool idea. I joined part way through 2014, but looking at all the significant sets and matches that showed the shift in top player dominance in 2015.


Beast 5?

This actually was the first tournament of significance in 2015 for many reasons. Although it only had Mango, Armada, and Leffen and was fairly small in Europe it held some important messages.

  • Leffen beat Mango and Armada to take 1st in Melee singles
  • at this point Leffen had yet to beat M2K in the 5 gods

Best Matches:

[Armada vs Leffen Grand Finals]

Apex 2015:

After a Mango dominated 2014, (with Armada following close behind) this was the largest tournament that featured the five gods, and everyone else to start out 2015.

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA PPMD MarthHeadSSBM.pngFalcoHeadSSBM.png $7,228
2nd Sweden Armada FoxHeadSSBM.pngPeachHeadSSBM.png $3,614
3rd Sweden Leffen FoxHeadSSBM.png $2,711
4th USA Mango FalcoHeadSSBM.pngFoxHeadSSBM.png $1,807
5th USA Hungrybox JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png $903
5th Japan aMSa YoshiHeadSSBM.png $903
7th Canada KirbyKaze SheikHeadSSBM.png $452
7th USA Shroomed SheikHeadSSBM.png $452
  • PPMD emerged from nowhere (as usual) to take Apex 2015
  • Leffen beats Mango to win the $1k
  • Leffen also beats M2K for the first time, being the first person to beat all 5 gods
  • M2k fails to get top 8

Best Matches:

[M2K vs. Shroomed]

[Mango vs. Leffen]

[Leffen vs. PPMD]

[PPMD vs. Armada]


The Narrative:

Leffen is seen as the new threat of the year.

Armada picking up a SERIOUS fox.

Mango was sloppy at the first two events, but he’d be ready by the beginning of the year.

PPMD scoops up Apex (similar fashion to 2014)

M2K is seen as falling off the god radar.


To be continued.


Hax’$ Narrative

Saying this is Hax’$ narrative is a bit misleading. I would say it’s more like looking at some Hax$ sets. Arguably the most meme status player (next to Chillin)



Notable Sets: (Most from 2014 since he was mostly inactive in 2015)

Do You Fox With It? vs SilentWolf (Grand Finals)


MLG 2014 Pool Play vs. Leffen


Justice 4 vs. Armada


The Big House 4 vs. Mango

Last Remarks:

SN4 Tournament Interview

This interview is pretty interesting. It had him talking about the moment he switched from falcon to fox, the reasoning why, where 20xx came from, etc.


He’s confirmed for Smash Summit, so I am hoping he plays at his peak. I am interested how he stacks up again the current top players that he had not played in ages. Notably I would love to see him against PPMD, Armada, and Plup.

Smash Summit 2 Predictions for Seeding

No Leffen, no PPMD

Here we go.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.26.25 PM

(Last time they [erroneously?] seeded M2K above Mango)

Seeds are probably going to be (Or at least should be):

  1. Hbox (Which makes ZERO sense, but once again people like to base on recent results. Armada has a clear set count ahead, but people will ONLY remember Battle of the Five Gods. I am not even kidding you. This is going to happen.)
  2. Armada
  3. Mango (If they seed Mango above Armada I’m seriously going to question their seeding criteria since he ONLY beat him recently at Battle of Five Gods)
  4. M2K
  5. Plup (You can make a case for Plup > M2K, but I think the conservative and safe seeding would be M2K > Plup)
  6. Westballz
  7. Shroomed
  8. Axe (Might be the lower of the 4 “demi-gods” because of his placement at Pound 2016 which was 25th)
  9. SilentWolf (not too sure with SFAT vs. SilentWolf)
  10. SFAT


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.22.21 PM

Who I’m really glad got in:


After Pound 2016 there was little chance he wasn’t going to get voted in. Amazing play, good placing, and overall appeal since he hasn’t showed up to many tournaments in a long time.


Who I still believe should have went:


Someone who took a nosedive from top 20 to top 40. Former Sheik main that went to Falco and then Fox? I wanted to see what happened to him.


Taking out Leffen is an achievement. Pretty solid samus, and has taken out names like Wizzrobe, SFAT, and MacD. He is much better than ESAM, but Smash Summit 2 will be a chance to show people is ESAM really can play Melee or if Tipped Off 11 was a fluke

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